Sunday, August 18, 2013

USU Social Work School: Community Organization; Geriatric Awareness

As I watched the movie "The Mailbox" today, I was reminded of my community solutions class my senior year at USU.  Being a community organization class, we had an assignment to do a community project, something that would leave things better.  We had a fairly large group.  I remember Darlene Henry and Marsha Leigh were part of the group, students who went with me to graduate school.  Darlene was pursuing a career in gerontology social work, and that may be why we decided on our particular project.  We had two goals, to increase awareness of the blight of older citizens, and to raise money for a van for the geriatric community.  I don't know how we did towards raising money, but we were able to spilt up into several groups, and attend local high schools to talk about the lives of the elderly.  We did this by showing the movie "The Mailbox."  It was very effective.  This movie gets everyone thinking, whether about their grandparents or older parents.  Our group went to Sky View, and spent the day in either a social studies or health class, and taught all the classes that day as we had a successful day increasing awareness.  I am sure the teacher appreciated a less active day.

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