Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Lesson in Prayer

While living in Providence I went to a friends house to play.  I use to often go barefooted, so I took off my shoes while we played.  There's was a new house going up, and the day we were there, they were painting.  We were playing in the dirt hills (left from digging the basement) behind the house and some dirt kicked up and landed on a freshly painted door.  We got yelled out for that.
It came time for me to walk home.  I looked for my shoes and could not find them.  I looked everywhere.  still no luck.  finally determined to test a primary lesson on prayer.  I and my friend both knelt to pray and I said a simple prayer.  Something like, "Help me find my shoes."  You know, it was within a couple minutes more of searching after praying that I came upon my shoes.  They were on one of the hills where I thought I had already searched.  Prayer works, but works best when combined with action.

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