Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Summer in Providence: 1964

The summer of 1964 was on of transition for our family.  At Christmas time we had left the farm, and spent the rest of the school year with Grandma Wright in Idaho Falls, Lincoln.  But as soon as school was over we moved to Providence so Dad could start school summer quarter.  We rented a home in Providence, while my parents continued to look for a permanent home.  The home we rented in Providence was at the southwest corner of 200 North and Main.  (The house is no longer there; but the house kitty-corner with a big tree is still there.)  The home was unique as it had a walk through closet in the master bedroom.  The closet was also a hallway into the kitchen.
When we arrived at this home, it was a week before school was out in Providence, as school in Idaho got out earlier.  It was a very boring week with no friends.  I remember going and swinging at the playground at the school, while the kids were in school.  One of my sisters told me that wasn't a good thing to do.
I did make a few friends that summer, and had kids to play with.  One of my friends looked like "My Favorite Martian."  That was a popular show at the time.  I also went and played with a friend at the home they were making a half-mile out of town.  Also there were kids at the house with the big tree.
We attended church in an old stone church on Sundays.  One of my most vivid memories at the home was at dinner.  My father asked Connie, Please pass the water."  They were at opposite ends of the table.  We had a metal pitcher.  Connie picked it up and literally passed it like a football through the air.  I thought my father would be angry, but we had a good laugh instead.
We only lived there about three months, as we moved to Hyrum a week before school started.

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  1. Charlie Wardle: The only memories I have of living in Providence was walking to the school park and playing on the play ground equipment. Also once walking to the highway corner to store and barn there.