Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dianna's Birth, Hyrum Easter Egg Hunt

Dianna was born the day before Easter, April 9.  In Hyrum every year Easter was a special day.  The Lion's Club put on a community Easter egg hut every year the Saturday before Easter.  Mom had gone with my father to the hospital early in the morning.  As a result, my older sister drove us to the square.  She would have been 16 at the time.  We had a good time.  There were always races, gunny sack, speed and three-legged.  The usually let a rabbit loose for the kids to chase, and the person who caught it got to take it home.  As the festivities were ending, my sister announced to us that our baby sister had been born.  So we welcomed Dianna into our home, who was five years younger that Charles, the baby born before her.  Dianna liked dance and dolls.  However she had some skills.  We traveled a lot with Dianna in the back of the camper.  We moved twice while she was small.  I remember one time I was eating cookies and she wanted one.  I threw it to her, and she caught it. 
Mom and Dianna
She was very small at the time.


  1. Ruth Palmer Roberts Didn't you just love the egg hunts? Showing up as a child and seeing the ground covered with colored eggs.....real eggs.


  2. Marianne Pricilla Miller: Loved it - so did my kids!

    Sharon Jacobsen Watterson Williamson: The Easter egg hunt was a big thing at our house, my dad (LaMar Jacobsen) colored a lot of the eggs for the hunt, then he would help hide them, he always looked foreword to Easter and the 4th of July actives and working with the Lions club.