Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Christmas Ice Cream: Othello

When we lived on the farm, there use to be a group of sportsmen who would come every year in the Autumn.  My father would give them permission to hunt pheasant on his land.  They must have been some wealth people.  We, as kids, would always know when they were there.
This is not such a big deal, but the big thing was they would always give my folks some presents as a thank you.  They would fill our freezer with all kinds of good things to eat.  These would often include things from their other adventures such as salmon or trout.  It always included ice cream.  And not any regular ordinary ice cream.  It had big five or ten gallon containers of peppermint candy cane ice cream.  In my mind, this type of ice cream has always been Christmas ice cream.  Ice cream with candy canes frozen right into it.  It was very good, and we always had some of this around Christmas time. 

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