Saturday, April 27, 2013

USU Certificate in Psephology

He was younger when I took his class in 1975
My freshman year in college I had some interest in political science and politics.  I took Dr. Dan Jones basic political science class and did well. Dr. Jones was often on the news talking about his polls and who he thought would win an election.  I followed up by taking his psephology course. Basically psephology is a big name for survey taking.  As part of this course, we actually were survey takers for a study he was doing of the attitudes of local residents in Cache Valley.  We helped put the survey together, and debated which questions might be weighted one way or another.  How the wording of a question might effect the result.  We also talked about targeted surveying and how to have a random sample.  In the survey we conducted, we randomly picked the blocks we were suppose to survey, and then the actual house.  We also had a random type of approach if the person wasn't home and we had to select a different home.  I canvased in Providence. 
It was a fun course.  When we completed it, Dr. Jones awarded us all a certificate in psephology.  I misplaced mine someplace.

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