Saturday, January 26, 2013

Big Mistake--Almost

When I was 25, I decided I was tired of being single.  I decided to marry the next girl I started dating.  Charlie had a steady girl in Las Vegas, and I traveled to Vegas with him and went on a date with a friend of Charlie's girl friend.  Her name was Kara.  We went to the UNLV-Utah basketball game.  UNLV was very good back then with Jarry Tarkenian coaching.  Any way, that was around New Year's.  We also went to the Las Vegas region New Years Eve dance.  It was a really big deal, at a mall in Las Vegas with several different bands.
Kara was a student at BYU, and I at the time was at the University of Utah.  I proposed to her close to Jordan River Temple.  She said she would have to think about it and then in the end said no.  That was a blessing.
In the interim I went to Roosevelt to fulfill a field placement for my graduate degree.  I met Sheri at and office supply store.  We hit it off very quickly.  When I met Sheri I had a big scruffy beard, as I was doing a musical in Vernal.  Kara came out to the musical with a friend one night.  She approached me and said she had changed her mind.  I said I had to as I had met someone else.  Within a couple weeks of this I proposed to Sheri.

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