Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dad Bought a Second House

1315 S 200 E SLC, Utah
View out the front, corner of 13th S 200 E.  There is a shopping center there now, but there was a school

Charlie by the house

view out the back to the alley
While I was on my mission, my dad bought a second house in Salt Lake, 1977 or 78.  By the time I came home off my mission he had moved out of our and was living there.  The house was a triplex with a residence in the back, in the front and upstairs.  My dad always lived upstairs.  It was 1315 South 2nd East in Salt Lake City, close to Liberty Park in Salt Lake.

Liberty Park, Krista, Geneve (maybe another day)

Buffie, Krista, Dianna, Mom

Buffie, Krista, Dianna
One day my mom went down to help him with cleaning and whatever.  There must have been a parade on State Street at about the same time.
I lived with my dad for a year while I was going to school at the University of Utah.  Also I went down and helped him re-roof his house.  We also put in a paned front window and worked on remodeling the inside.

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  1. Charlie Wardle When dad first bought the triplex he lived in the front unit for a year. His plans were for all of us to move to Salt Lake and live with him. He was going to build some bedrooms in the basement for Dianna and me. But we never did go, and he moved to the top apartment. I did live with him and worked for him a summer until I was in a car wreck then I moved back home and started collage.