Friday, January 11, 2013

Poetry I Like: Da Me La Mano, Gabriela Mistral

I was introduced to this poem at Utah State Latin American Literature class taught by Jaime Cantarovici.  I have always liked the way it sounded.  She wrote children's rounds, and this is my favorite example.

Dame la mano y danzaremos

Dame la mano y danzaremos;
dame la mano y me amarás.
Como una sola flor seremos,
como una flor, y nada más...

El mismo verso cantaremos,
al mismo paso bailarás.
Como una espiga ondularemos,
como una espiga, y nada más.

Te llamas Rosa y yo Esperanza;
pero tu nombre olvidarás,
porque seremos una danza
en la colina y nada más...

Give me your hand and We'll dance

Give me your hand and we will dance;
give me your hand and you will love me.
As a single flower we will be,
like a flower, and nothing more ...

We will sing the same verse,
The same step you will dance.
As a stalk of wheat we will wave,
as a stalk, and nothing more.

Your name is Rosa and mine
but you will forget your name,
because we will be a dance
on the hill and nothing more ..

I like this school performance from a Mexican Elementary.

Bur I must admit, I like the rhythm of the nursery rhyme better than the music. So I recorded it.

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