Thursday, January 31, 2013

Othello Embarrassing Memories

One of the most embarrassing experiences I ever had occurred when I was only five years old and in kindergarten.  In those days I had very poor control of my bladder.  This often caused problems for me.  Because I was so embarrassed I would try to cover it up.
On one particular day the kindergarten class viewed a filmstrip for which we went to another room.  During the film I had one of those unfortunate accidents.  I was too shy to ask permission to go to the restroom.  After the film the teacher decided it was a good idea for us to do some exercises.  I tried to cover my wet pants by crossing my legs.  This was a precarious position in which to do exercises.  Soon the teacher was on my case, asking me to stand correctly.  As I persistent in crossing me legs the teacher finally sent me back to the classroom.  She said, “Since Billy can’t stand right he is going to go back to the classroom.”
My embarrassment did not end there.  After sitting by myself for almost a half hour a lady and her daughter came looking for the teacher.  We had a rule of standing when talking and I was compelled to stand, displaying my still wet pants.  I directed the lady correctly—she was enrolling her daughter in our class.

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