Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Life in Theater: Ninth Grade, Mini Musical, 1972

1972 I was in my last year at South Cache Junior High School.  We had a new choir instructor that year.  We presented a review of different shows, Oliver, My Fair Lady, Fantansticks and Sound of Music.  I sang in the chorus.  The men's chorus did "food" which was very fun.  We also did "Plant a Radish."  As a full chorus we also sang "Edelweiss."  I was one of the Von Trapp children in "So Long, Farewell."  In addition to the shows at the school, a few of us, including the Von Trapp kids sang in our ward relief society.  I remember after the show Dad taking us our for ice cream one night.  I was wearing my Sound of Music costume.

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