Monday, January 21, 2013

Connie Fornoff

My sister is named Connie Marie Wardle Fornoff, taking her middle name from my mom's sister, Rose Marie.  Connie always had an independent streak.  When we moved to Hyrum she made her own bedroom by hanging sheets in the basement.  I do not remember this, but it seams she used bags of cement for her bed.
Connie started going out with Kelly before we moved to Illinois for two years.  When we returned, she went to Sky View.  She would take the bus with the rest of us, but she would get of at South Cache, and then get a ride with Kelly to Sky View.

Black Smith Fork
Connie and Buffie by the garden

With Dianna in Hyrum

Wedding picture, Las Vegas
Matt Dec. 6, 1981
Jed, Aaron, Matt 1981

JAM and Connie, June 19, 1982 (Charlie's return)
Jed 3 1/2 years

Aaron 18 months
Connie married Kelly young, and without the blessings of my parents.  They eloped to Las Vegas.  They are still going strong these 40 or so years later.  They first had an apartment in Logan, then a house in River Heights, and now live in Cove.  They have three children, Jed, Aaron and Matt, or JAM for short.

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