Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mission Farewell

With Raeburn and Audrey

With Krista and Raeburn
My mission farewell was the first part of December.  I shared it with Russell Egbert who left for his mission at the same time.  I was called to Buenos Aires North Mission.  My brother put a couple of photos on Facebook from my farewell, which reminded me that Raeburn Ormond and Audrey Anderson attended.  These are two friends I have lost track of.  I know Raeburn lives in Idaho someplace, but I am not sure where.  We use to have fun in choir together.  Raeburn had a deep bass voice.  He also had a fun personality.

Audrey Anderson I met through Tina McBride at a baseball tournament.  She was from Mendon, and a few years younger than I.  We had some good times.  She wrote me for a couple months while I was gone, and we went on one date after I returned.

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