Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Othello and the Dogs

One of my earliest memories is a fear of dogs; especially big ones.  We lived on a farm in Othello, Washington.  It seemed we always had a large dog.  I was young and, unfortunately small in stature.  It seems the dogs would always jump up on me and know me down.  I imagine that more than once I would run to my mom.
I did have some good times with the dogs.  A trick I learned from my older brother and sisters was to tie a bun to a rope.  This accomplished, I would use a ladder to climb onto the clothes line pole.  The trick now was to entice the dogs with the bun while keeping them from grabbing it.  I would let the bun hang down for them, and when they came for the bun is would jerk it up, keeping it away from them.  They would jump and I would jerk.   It was great fun.  I guess it was mean to tease the dogs with food however.
Of course the dogs had their victories.  At times they would grab the bun, and get their snack.  One time I fell from the pole.  Fortunately I escaped with little injury besides bruises and hurt pride.  Another victory for the dogs was a time they knocked me down before I got to the ladder.   Before I could recover my posture the bun was gone.

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