Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cliff Elmore: Friend; Graduate School Days

Cliff and I met my first year of graduate school.  We both did field placements at Children's Service Society.  While there Cliff met Judy.  They would later become husband and wife.  Cliff and I ran a first time adoption group at Children's Service Society, focused on older child adoption.  We had considerable material to use with regards to adoption of older children.  The Society also helped put a larger conference and Cliff and I helped with logistics, chairs etc. and were able to attend. 
Cliff and I were very motivated by adoption, and that we would form an adoption agency after finishing school.  We moved into an apartment together.  Not the nicest place, but adequate.  I had moved out of living with my father.  At the time I was caught between my folks and their divorce and didn't like it.  Cliff was leaving his wife. 
Our second year we did rural placements in Roosevelt, Utah at separte times, and wrote a research paper together on our experience.  While I was doing my visit, Cliff visited and went on a date with Sheri and I.  We saw the movie "Ghandi."
 During the summer between our two years of graduate school, Cliff and I went on a trip to New York together.
Cliff and Judy in New York
After we graduated, Cliff and I kept in contact for a while.  Cliff came to the Basin and we went camping together, Cliff bringing the canoe.  Cliff now lives in Saint George, and I haven't seen him for many years.

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