Thursday, October 11, 2012

Charlie's Blanket by: my Mom

Charlie’s Blanket by: Ileen Wardle
Charlie’s Grandma Wardle made him a baby blanket for his crib right after he was born.  It was blue with little blocks of white lambs.  Charlie really loved this blanket and it had one special corner that he liked the feel of.  You would hand him his blanket and he would turn it around until he found his special cornet.  Then he would rub it with his left hand and suck his thumb on his right hand.  It was always a rough day for Charlie when we needed to wash his blanket.  He would stand in front of the washer and dryer until his blanket was dried.  I guess he was afraid someone would take away his security.  Charlie was over three years old when he finally gave the poor worn out blanket a rest.  I put it away and when we moved from the farm to Utah, I packed it with some of Jim’s navy uniforms.  When he was in the ninth grade he happened to find it.  You would have thought he had found his best friend again.

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