Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mother Keeping Track of Her Kids

Mother Keeping Track of Her Kids by: Ileen Wardle
Living on a big farm, a mother had a hard time keeping track of her kids.  The next two stories are about mother trying to keep track of her kids.  These stories are told by my mother.
One day, Billy came up missing.  I looked everywhere for him for hours and couldn’t find him.  Usually when Billy was missing, you could find him in the strawberry patch, but he wasn’t there.
I found Jim, my husband, and told him that Billy was missing.  He got some of the hired hands and we all went looking for Billy.  My biggest worry was that he might have fallen in the canal.  After looking for him for awhile we found him fast asleep in the corn patch.
my version of the same story
There was a time when Sara and Connie came up missing.  After looking for them for awhile I found them in the machine shed watching a mother cat have her kittens.  The must have been there for hours.
I was so embarrassed when I saw this and they had so many questions about where those kitten were coming from.  I really had to do some fast explain about birth.

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