Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hyrum: East Park

This is the photo I took when the lights went up at East Park, Hyrum.  We were so anxious to play on the new field, that first year we marked out a firld in the outfield and played on the grass.  This gave us a fence as the fence was too far for Little League anyway.
This is the article from the Hyrum Crusader November 1976:
There is a bigger story here.  The city had planted grass, which at first seemed to come up weeds, but after after a couple mowings, the weeds gave way and there was a very nice grass field.  In the spring of 1977, while I was on my mission, it fell upon my brother Weldon and brother-in-law Clyde Buff, to take the grassy fields and turn them into ball diamonds.  This they did with a sod cutter.  They had to align the two fields, softball with a dirt infield and full-size baseball diamond with a grass infield.  I am sure it would have been a considerable amount of work and grief to get things just right.  By the time I made it home off my mission, the fields had been in use for a couple of years, and Hyrum had grown up to provide recreational softball teams, and sponsor an adult baseball team--the Hyrum Hornets.

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