Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Elevator by: Charlie Wardle

The Elevator by: Charlie Wardle
The first couple of days that we were in Carbondale, we stayed in a big sky-scraper hotel.
Connie, Weldon, Billy, Charlie and Dianna were in the love downstairs looking around in the gift shop.  After awhile, we decided to go upstairs to our room.  Weldon stuck Dianna on the elevator and pushed our floor number and jumped out.  You could hear Dianna screaming while the door on the elevator closed.  Luckily, Dad was waiting for the elevator on our floor.

[This would have been after our first year in Carbondale.  We were moving from a rented house to university apartments.  However the apartments were not ready on time, as they were being newly constructed.  The high-rise hotels were actually on campus.  I think they were used both as a hotel and as student housing.  However we had to stay there a couple weeks while waiting for our apartment to be finished.   Dianna would have been two years old.]

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