Monday, October 8, 2012

My Thoughts on Wikileaks

 I posted this originally Dec 2010 but thought it needed to be in my thoughts blog.
I think we have entered the world of cyber terrorism.  WikiLeaks and Julian Assange are hurting our country, and putting those who work for our government at risk.  This started with the release of confidential and secret documents.  That these documents would have been carried by any news outlet under the guise of news is appalling.  Sometimes people need to think before they act.  Do you take out everyone's appendix under the guise of medicine?

This terrorism entered a 2nd stage of blackmail earlier this week.  (If you do anything to me I will release more documents.)  It has now entered a third stage of cyber attacks.  The WikiLeaks organization is attacking anyone who is critical of them, or opposes them.  They are thwarting free speech, under the presumption that what they are doing is free speech.

The actions of this group have put many more people than Valerie Plame in the cross hairs of terrorists.  Islamic terrorist (excuse me President Obama) are seeking destroy our county.  They are seeking daily to maim and cripple our interests.  In Julian Assange they have found an ally.  He has been arrested for sex crimes.  Where is the arrest for his crimes against the United States?

Just my opinion on today's news.  The Obama administration has got to be focused on stopping this attack.

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