Monday, October 15, 2012

The Family Farm by: Charles Wardle

The Family Farm by: Charles Wardle
When my family gets together, we often tell stories about our farm we used to live on.
    In 1953 my dad bought 300 acres of land in Othello, Washington to start his farm.  When my mom and dad moved there, there was nothing but open land covered with sagebrush.  With no buildings or anything, they started out just like the pioneers did. 
    My mom and dad had two kids when they moved to the farm, Sara and Connie.  While they were living on the farm, they had three boys; Weldon, Billy and Charlie.  A couple of years after they left the farm, they had their last child, Dianna.
    Our biggest crop on the farm was potatoes.  We also had corn, alfalfa, wheat, sugar beets, and a big garden.  I know we had at least one cow named buttercup, who sometimes gave us rides when dad was around.  Weldon often told how he would throw rocks at buttercup to get her out of the field that he was playing ball in.
    We had a lot of Mexicans working for us on the farm, probably because they would work for so little.
    Our family had a lot of real good experiences, and there are some good family stories that happened on the farm.
    I was two when we left the farm in 1963.  I can’t remember anything about the farm, so whenever a story is told, I’m very interest in it.

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