Sunday, October 7, 2012

When Weldon and I Played for the Packers; Othello

Billy, Weldon, Charlie

Charlie posted the above picture on the Ileen Family group, and it brought back some fun memories.  Weldon and I were big into football during our days in Othello.  I am sure Weldon introduced me to the game, but we also attended games with my father at the local high school.  A couple boys from our ward played on the team.  I remember my dad commented on a play where the other team had a long run, and the player form Othello didn't tackle him from behind, but let him get a few more yards so he could tackle him from the front.
But back to Weldon and I.  We were big into the Packers.  When we played, we were not Billy and Weldon, but Bart Star and Willie Wood.  We would usually be on the same team, playing against imaginary opponents.  And like the Packers, we were champions.  Oh what fun!
I remember one day Weldon was sick.  It was upon me to carry on the games as Weldon watched from the window.  It was harder, passing to myself and catching the ball.  But that is what I did.  It was a glorious victory for the Packers, fighting off many opponents after making the catch.  The passes were shorter than usual, because I was catching my own passes.  There were more yards after the catch.  I had to go in and report to Weldon the result of the play.
Over time, we started playing each other.  Charlie would join my team, but he was still very small.  We were better at offense than defense, so the games were usually tied.  We decided to add goal posts so we could kick extra points.  The were make shift poles, with a stick propped up between them.  They weren't very high, but they served their purpose.  I think Weldon always won after that.  I have never been good a kicking.  But man could I run.

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