Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Selling light Bulbs by: Charlie Wardle

Selling Light Bulbs by: Charlie Wardle
One summer in Illinois, we had a big project of selling light bulbs to get money for Weldon to go to the Boy Scout National Jamboree.
It seems like we covered the whole town of Carbondale and some of the outside towns as we went door-to-door selling the lights.
Dad, Mom, Sara, and Connie all took turns driving us around wile Weldon, Billy and Charlie went around to the houses asking people if they would like to buy some bulbs.  One time when Connie was driving, she backed into a parked car.  The car she ran into had been wrecked before.  The owner of the car was trying to blame all of the damage on Connie.  I remember Aunt Audrey arguing with the owner of the car and the police about trying to blame all the damage on Connie’s wreck.  I think Aunt Audrey finally convinced the policeman that the owner of the car was lying.
[I remember the experience of going door-to-door, and we did cover almost all of town.  Many places we went were rural, with big dogs.  I was chased more than once by dogs, and developed a fear of big dogs as a result of this.  It seems if you show fear to a dog he is more prone to chase you, so I had a hard time.  Also at one point the car tire rolled over my foot as we were selling bulbs.  It didn’t do any real damage but left some bruises.  This was not the most fun experience of my youth.  However Weldon did make it to the Jamboree, which was held at Lake Farragut, Idaho.  This is where Dad had gone to boot camp for the Navy.]

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