Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sail Boating by: Charlie Wardle

Crab Orchard Lake
Sail Boating by: Charlie Wardle
One Saturday, one of Dad’s friends from the University [Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Ill] took us boys and Dad sailing.
It was a lot of fun and the boat went pretty fast along the water.
After we were out for about an hour, we stopped to eat lunch.  After lunch I told Dad that Ididn’t want to go back out, and that I just wanted to play along the beach.  Dad made Bill stay with me to watch over me.  Billy was pretty upset about this.
They went back out in the boat.  They were out there quite far and the boat tipped over.  A guy in a row boat had to row out there from the shore to help them.  Everyone was alright.  I was really glad that I didn’t go out with them, because I couldn’t swim at that time.

Billy’s addition:  I don’t remember being mad, but I remember getting pretty bored because it took them forever to get back.  At first there were things to keep my interest along the shore, but after a few hours there wasn’t much new to do.  I don’t remember if I had much sense of what was going on, other than thinking maybe they tipped over.  I have the idea that they had to hold onto the boat until they could get help to get it righted.  I know I had bad dreams about holding onto a boat waiting for someone to save me for a while.  Weldon would be able to give more insight on that because he went with them.

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