Sunday, October 7, 2012

Scoutmaster: Camp High Sierra 2001

 I should say the best I can tell this is 2001, Canp High Sierra.  I think I am Scoutmaster with Ken Danielson and Cary Morgan as assistants.  However the first year I went to camp I was assistant to Stan Dye as Scoutmaster.  We are at TeMoak Campsite, which was always our favorite and the traditional site for troop 456.  In the picture below, taken in front of TeMoak Rock, Kody Macaulay, MarkWardle, Matt Skowbo, David Danielson, Tyler Gardner, Jeremy Wardle, Tyler Morgan, Adam Roberts, Struk, Ian Dalton and Lynn Hansen.  My favorite time at camp where the troop flag ceremonies.  Everyone had a turn.

 Ken Danielson was our Deacon's Quorum adviser.  He had a knack for turning any conversation into a spiritual lesson. He had a great influence for good and getting the boys to think of God's role in their lives.

Ian, Matt and Kody


 Activities included canoeing, swimming, archery, climbing, shooting, camp-wide service, merit badges, polar bear etc.  Older scouts had more high adventure activities and less merit badges.  There was also a forge and a woodsman area.
Jeremy and David



polar bear with yours truly


Kody and Tyler
Campwide games
 Lynn, Adam and Jeremy pitching horse shoes

Ian and Matt on the saw  

Tyler through the web



Tyler Morgan on the wall

Ken representing the scoutmasters

dunked by the lifeguards


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