Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lost Dianna by: Dianna

Lost Dianna by: Dianna Norman From Childhood Experiences of the Wardle Family, editor Charlie Wardle
When I was five years old my family and my sister’s family went to Soda Springs, Idaho to watch my brother Bill play in a Pony League Tournament.
I was very restless watching the game and so I took my nephew, Buffie, and we went to a little park to swing.  I came back just as the game was over and went to get in the car with my sister and family; but she told me I couldn’t ride back to Hyrum with them and I was to wait for my folks.  I decided I would go back and play on the swings while I was waiting and when I came back I looked everywhere for my folks and couldn’t find them.  I started to cry and some older girls came and asked me what was the matter.  I told them I couldn’t find my mother and dad.  They took hold of my hand and told me not to cry and took me to the police station.  The policeman had me get in the police car with me and we drove around Soda Springs looking for my folks.  I finally recognized someone from Hyrum (The Lundbergs).  They told the policeman they would take me home after we had dinner.  I really was glad to have someone take me home but I felt dumb because I didn’t have any money to pay for my dinner.
When my folks got home they were really surprised because I hadn’t come with my sister and family.  They called to the police in Soda Springs and they told them they had found me and the Lundbergs were bringing me home.  I was so frightened and I never went wondering off again without letting my parents know where I was going.

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